Microbiome health management at your fingertips

Get to know your microbiome

  • Discover important health insights of your microbiome
  • Leverage available operational and environmental data
  • Craft and download high-quality figures for your reports

Compare your microbiome to bespoke reference datasets

  • We create anonymized and bespoke reference microbiome data for your projects (e.g., hatchery, grow-out, drinking water distribution, …)
  • Build your own personalized microbiome database
  • Take control over your microbiome data

Define the performance of your microbiome

  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your microbiome or let our AI find them for you!
  • Dynamically track the performance during your process operation to ensure optimal stewardship of your microbiome

Identify algae groups

  • Automatic identification of several important algae groups for aquaculture management
  • Pinpoint the dominant algae groups
  • Identify imminent algae blooms of each group

Access your bespoke analysis reports

  • An extra pair of trained eyes from a microbial expert can help you identify the necessary criteria to manage your process
  • Our data scientists create beautiful and detailed intel reports available for you to download
  • This continuous learning process enables us to find the best KPIs and health markers for your application