The right product, at the right dose, and at the right time is key to microbiome health management. KYTOS provides bespoke reporting tools enabling you to take fast, actionable steps towards a diligent stewardship of your process. 

Our high-throughput in vitro screening platform can probe the interaction between your product and your microbiomes. Once we have found the right match between your product portfolio and your microbiome we ensure routine follow-up of product performance via our KYTObox platform.

Biocontrol products require rigorous quality control

  • standardized cell densities
  • minimum viable cell densities
  • shelf life guarantee

Our in vitro platform enables:

  • accurate estimation of cell count of probiotics
  • vitality screening of probiotics
  • product efficacy testing under commercial settings

We help you find:

  • Which product is best fit for the system
  • How much of the product should be used
  • How long and how frequently a product should be used
  • An optimal product portfolio for your application

Build your product performance database

Our scientific approach is built on decades of microbiology research. We are always developing novel assays for characterizing new microbial features, as well as expanding our experimental capabilities to test products and ecosystems. We do this so you don’t have to. Our in vitro platform helps you build your personalized product database containing:

  • the optimal fit between the product and your management criteria
  • quantitative performance metrics of biocontrol products in your system