KYTOS Vietnam: Our First Data Factory!

When will you be locally present in my country ?

Every KYTOS customer

Data Factories: What Are Those?

After having been unable to satisfy the above question numerous times, we’re excited to take a big step forward on our march to bring our microbiome management services to Asia. As mentioned in a previous post our strategic partnership with I&V Bio enables us to set up local data factories. KYTOS data factories are local sample processing spots where samples are routed, processed and all the data is fed to our proprietary algorithms. In a nutshell, this means we can improve our turnaround drastically and build local relationships with our customers.

Over the past weeks the team has been extremely busy implementing and benchmarking our hardware, software, and service components in our first Vietnam Data Factory (Lot 53, Hoa Thanh Village, An Hai Commune, Ninh Phuoc District, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam). Bottom-line: It’s been a blast and commercial activities will ensue in August!

The team setting up KYTOS Vietnam (Ruben, Ngân, Jasmine).

Managing our Data Factory

We’re happy to announce that Ngân will be the manager of our Vietnam data factory, together with her team she’ll be responsible for handling sample logistics & analysis and technical support to our customers. We couldn’t be more pleased to have her be part of our growing team!

One of the core tenets at KYTOS is the freedom to pursue continuous and deep professional development along any (non-)technical axis. Without further ado, Ngân will also be pursuing a parallel PhD track at Ghent University and the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology under supervision of renowned professors Nico Boon and Tom Defoirdt. Her research will bring forth radical innovation in the microbiome management of Carp and Barramundi aquaculture, both new and important markets for KYTOS. She’s also been one of the drivers of our collaboration with Worldfish and will be able to continue this fruitful collaboration during her research.

Feel free to contact her at ngan@kytos.be.

KYTOS Vietnam lab manager: Ngân braving the calm sea!

Bridging the Divide

Proper microbiome management occurs at the intersection of technology and domain knowledge (i.e. industry experience). At KYTOS we work closely alongside industry leaders to ensure that we fine-tune our technology to meet the industries’ expectations and needs.

Visits such as this one to Australis, one of the leading Barramundi farmers, couldn’t have been more fruitful as we laid the groundwork for future research interests and needs of Barramundi production.

KYTOS and the Australis R&D team meeting up at their production facilities in Vietnam. 19/07/2022