Your Microbiome Health Status, One Cell at a Time

KYTOS Technology

In just a matter of minutes, hundreds of thousands of microbes are scanned by a high-powered laser beam. Every microbial cell is stained by a cocktail of fluorescent molecules and is forced to reveal its secrets. No microbe goes unseen. Bacteria, fungi, (micro-)algae and many others are measured in just one single analysis.

Your microbial health assessment is in safe hands. We ensure quality measurements and interpretations from sample collection all the way to data interpretation.

Protecting Your Farm and Your Microbiome, All at Once


Collecting samples can be a tedious process that is prone to sampling errors, breaches of biosecurity, and difficulties in preserving samples during logistics.

Our KytoVials solve all of these issues. Our preservation solution kills-off every single microbe, while optimaly preserving the cells for analysis. Our vials have been tested for all applications ranging from animal guts, to plant substrates to pond sediments.

Quantitative and Robust Microbiome Data

Cytometry analysis

As the old saying goes “Garbage In = Garbage Out“. The quality of microbial health measurements is only as good as the sample and data quality.

Luckily, we can rely on the rich history and the many benefits of cytometric technology:

  • < 5 % inter-replicate variation in microbial health parameters
  • < 1 milliliter is required for an accurate reading
  • Capable of handling low biomass samples
  • 100 % of microbial cells (bacteria, algae, fungi) are measured and quantified
  • Analysis time in minutes, rather than hours, days or weeks
  • Optimized protocols for scalable analysis and rapid results

Your Microbiome Health, Anytime and Anywhere


Accessing your microbial health information should be easy and informative. Our KytoApp grants you a fast and powerful cloud-based app for interacting with your microbiome data.

  • Explore our ever-growing list of microbial health indicators
  • Connect your farm management to microbial health
  • Evaluate your microbial risks via our identification algorithms
  • Manage your health situation via our product applications

Become Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Precision Algorithms

We developed an end-to-end technology stack to analyze microbial single-cell data at dazzling speeds and efficiency.

  • All your data is handled securely in the cloud, with industry-standard encryption and reliability.
  • Sample data is processed within minutes by our algorithms that are optimized for cytometric data and can scale-out for massive parallel computation.
  • Continuous and rigorous data annotation ensures that our models are performing optimally under all circumstances.
  • Data is validated along every step before your health insights are moved to our cloud database.

Product Efficacy, Maximized for Your Microbiome

Product Applications

Farmers and Growers have access to hundreds of biocontrol products ranging from pre-, pro-, and postbiotics to sanitizers and conditioners.

We help farmers and growers understand how these product solutions work and create powerful algorithms to guide their effective use. Our product applications open the door to more sustainable growing conditions and to help product companies improve their technical support.

Backed By Science

Our products and services are the culmination of decades of pioneering research in cytometric technologies.