KYTOS & Can Tho University to Formalize Collaboration

📣 KYTOS and the College of Aquaculture and Fisheries of CAN THO UNIVERSITY (CTU) to collaborate on education, research and commercial activities in Vietnam 📣

Last Friday was a truly exciting moment – the official partnership between KYTOS, a spin-off company from Ghent University, and the College of Aquaculture and Fisheries of Can Tho University. This step solidifies a partnership that builds upon the successful collaboration between Ghent University and CAN THO UNIVERSITY.

Under this collaboration KYTOS and CTU will:
☁️ Grant access to the KYTOS technology platform to University researchers.
🧪 Exchange samples and data to enhance research and innovation
🙋 Offer internships to aquaculture students to enhance their microbiome knowledge and skillsets
📈 Collaborate on joint research and development proposals

🥂 We are grateful to embark on this journey with purpose and enthusiasm, to realize new breakthroughs in science, innovation, and cooperation.


KYTOS and FreshStudio initiate collaboration in Vietnam!

Kytos has embarked on an exciting new venture in the field of horticulture in Vietnam. We have joined with Fresh Studio® to delve into the fascinating world of microbiomes in lettuce cultivation using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems. 🥬💦

This collaborative effort will enable Fresh Studio® and KYTOS to gain a precise and comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between the microbiome and crop health, leading to the development of microbiome-based management recommendations. 🔬 🌿

The utilization of digital microbiome management solutions and advanced platforms holds great promise for the future of sustainable farming practices. 🌱🌍

🔥The future of eco-friendly and productive horticulture is here!

KYTOS and RASLab enter into commercial collaboration

The microbial health of the rearing water and biofilter of Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) is crucial for maintaining optimal water quality for land-based fish farms. Ammonia, a toxic component for fish, is metabolized by specialized organisms called Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria and Archaea (AOB/AOA), while organic substrates are degraded by heterotrophic bacteria. The production of toxic hydrogen sulfide, as well as off flavour compounds such as geosmin, have been traced back to a microbial origin. As a result, the close interaction of the rearing water with the fish requires RAS operators to now get a firm grip on the microbial health of their systems.

Facilitation of KYTOS services in Norway’s RAS market

KYTOS and RASLab have begun collaborating to offer commercial services to manage and optimize the microbial health and performance of RAS systems. KYTOS offers a unique quantitative overview of the microbiome in the water and biofilter through their RASCheck/RASScreen/RASManage service programs that compliment RASLab’s RASseq services where next generation sequencing identifies all of the bacteria in the biofilter.

By undertaking these combined analyses, it becomes possible to understand how management decisions affect the biofilter in terms of performance and resilience as well as the total microbial environment of the RAS system. Using this information, bespoke services can be offered for optimizing system and fish performance. Starting this August, RASLab customers can benefit from these combined.

Our RASseq services are complemented by the KYTOS toolbox. This collaboration fits in nicely with our provisions of microbial and lab support services to the industry and our research customers and is yet another part of how we drive for “innovating the future of aquaculture.

Mark Powell, CEO of RASLab

Comprehensive Microbial Health Assessments for RAS management

Both companies have their specialization in state-of-the-art microbiome technologies and RAS. KYTOS uses big data and artificial intelligence to reduce aquaculture’s unpredictability by creating practical tools that help make informed management decisions. Its services leverage flow cytometry, which is the most performant single-cell technology available today.

With RASLab, we have identified a great commercial and R&D synergy for our RAS services. This collaboration aids us in fulfilling our core mission of making microbiome management tools smarter and more accessible to the industry.

Ruben Props, co-founder and CEO of KYTOS

Complementary to KYTOS’s functional approach, RASLab’s RASseq service targets the genetic information of the microbiome to obtain detailed information about the bacterial community. Previous work has already shown significant differences in nitrifier communities between RAS systems operating under different salinities.

RASLab’s unique and modular infrastructure enables the development and testing of new microbial health indicators.  With 12 independent small scale RAS systems and a stock of 3 (fully sequenced) biofilter options (freshwater, brackish water and full seawater) RASLab can offer studies of the microbial environment from 5 to 30 °C for any norwegian aquaculture species.  Combining with KYTOS and RASlab’s RAS and Lab services, this powerful combination of microbiological tools for monitoring both fish health and RAS system performance will enable both companies to test new microbial health indicators for RAS.

A Full Service for RAS Farmers and Technology Providers

KYTOS will work closely with RASLab to service farm customers via routine full service programs, which means that bespoke sampling programs will be implemented, and all sampling materials and sample logistics are arranged. The KytoVial sampling system enables biosecure microbiome sampling of the farm. The KYTOS A.I. engine will process the microbiome data to provide clients with rapid results of up to 10 microbiome health indicators. Digital reports are accessible online and via its secure KytoApp mobile application. Ongoing contract research at RASLab being executed will also be available to be supported by KYTOS technology.  It is now possible for customers to choose to use the KYTOS technology for monitoring the microbial environments of the fish and RAS systems during research activity that is being carried out at RASLab.

New substrate health assessments!

🌱 Attention all horticulture professionals! 🌱
🚀 Transform your crop yield with Kytos’ revolutionary technology. Our latest innovative method analyzes the microbiome on your plant roots, ensuring healthy crops from the start.
💰💵 We are working closely with Primalof, a leading hydroponic chicory grower, to test our latest method to extract microorganisms from chicory root peels and detect sick roots early on, saving you valuable time and money.
🌟👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 Partner with us today and experience the benefits of our groundbreaking technology, taking your horticulture process to the next level.

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Ninh Hoa customer visits!

A great visit to our customers in Ninh Hoa, Vietnam. We are proud to support our customers in monitoring microbiome health from the beginning of the crop cycle to prevent diseases.

KYTOS is your local partner to help you make informed microbiome management decisions. Our service programs offer you:

🧪 Biosecure sampling using KytoVials
🏠 Local hub for rapid sample processing
☁️ Digital reporting workflow (mobile/web)
🕒 Timely results
📈 Service programs suitable for any farm or hatchery
🙋 Local support team to educate and train our clients

Join us in our mission to make microbiome management 🧠smarter, ✅easier, and 📱accessible.


Another happy customer for our PondScreen program!

🔥 PondScreen program 🔥

Our second-tier service program that expands your toolset to include algae, bacterial and fungal identification markers!

🧪 Biosecure sampling using KytoVials
🏠 Logistics arranged for you
🕒 Timely results
☁️ Digital reporting workflow (mobile/web)
💖 Microbial health tools
📈 Algae, fungal and bacterial identification markers
🙋 Local team to educate and support you

Why not join other farmers that are optimizing their microbiome management? 👉

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Mohsina joins KYTOS as a UGent intern!

Please tell us something more about your background (education, interests, …)?

In my country farmers are not always able to spend a lot of money in analysing various parameters to make culture more sustainable as a result they suffer with financial loss in long run. Sometimes the technologies are not available there as well. Providing affordable techniques and spreading appropriate knowledge related to the culture system would be the most useful thing to them to flourish this sector sustainably. This gap I want to fill up by collaborating and by enriching my own knowledge and experience gradually.

I have completed my bachelor from ‘Faculty of Fisheries’ at Bangladesh Agriculture University and from the same University I have completed my master’s degree in mid of 2019. For my thesis there I have worked with the bacterial diseases of two popular farmed fish in my country. While working I got to know the vast impact of microbiome in the culture system more practically. Health management of aquatic organism was a field of interest to mine which make me apply for another master’s degree ‘Health Management in Aquaculture’ where I have been selected as Erasmus Mundus awardee of 2022-2023 cohort.

Why did an internship at KYTOS appeal to you?

As a part of my curriculum in AquaH I was supposed to look for an internship in my second semester. I wanted to make a connection between the focus of my current degree and my previous work with microbiome. At this point, KYTOS is the best suited to my desire as it works with different aspect of microbiome in the aquatic environment to ensure the better health of the aquatic organism.

What are you looking to learn from the internship?

I would like to learn the application of different technologies in the aquaculture field to control or stimulate the microbial community present in the culture system. 

KYTOS enters the Year of the Cat

Now that Tết has passed and the Year of the Cat is upon us, farmers and hatcheries in Vietnam are ready to resume their activities!

KYTOS is your local partner to help you make informed microbiome management decisions. Our service programs offer you:

🧪 Biosecure sampling using KytoVials
🏠 Local hub for rapid sample processing
☁️ Digital reporting workflow (mobile/web)
🕒 Timely results
📈 Service programs fit for any farm and hatchery
🙋 Local support team to educate and train our clients

Join us in our mission to make microbiome management 📈 Smarter, 🏠 Easier, and 🧪 Accessible.

👉 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact (Vietnam), (general inquiries).

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KYTOS services advertised in ThuySan Vietnam

KYTOS is proud to make microbiome management services more accessible to the Vietnamese market!

👉 Check out our article on page 66 of the latest magazine Thuysan Vietnam magazine ( for more information.

Our innovative KYTOS technology helps you make informed microbiome management decisions during every step of the farming process. Join us on our mission to make microbiome management smarter, easier, and more accessible.

KYTOS tự hào cung cấp dịch vụ cho thị trường Việt Nam!

👉 Hãy xem bài viết của chúng tôi trên trang 66 của tạp chí Thuysan Vietnam ( mới nhất để biết thêm thông tin.

Công nghệ KYTOS sẽ giúp bạn đưa ra quyết định sáng suốt về việc quản lý hệ vi sinh trong từng bước của quy trình nuôi.

Hãy tham gia cùng chúng tôi trong sứ mệnh giúp việc quản lý hệ vi sinh trở nên thông minh hơn, dễ dàng hơn và dễ tiếp cận hơn.

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