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As microbial disease epidemics continue to plague the growing aquaculture industry, technological advances are struggling to provide the right solutions. Aquaculture survival rates are capped at 50% for most shrimp farmers and are even lower for many marine fish species. Current practices such as non-standardized agar plating, and tedious microscopic analysis have remained the industry standard. We aim to do something about it.

Key Performance Indicators for Farmers

Getting a grip on the microbiome during aquaculture farming is challenging. Rigorous biosecurity protocols and the occasional diagnostics test are everyday reality. Unfortunately, once established, diseases prove difficult to fully eradicate.  We are firm believers in a preventive, rather than a curative approach. 

By routinely screening our fingerprints for deviations in every biome (e.g. algae, bacteria, and more) we can act sooner, and prevent disastrous events. Cyanobacterial blooms, a spontaneous growth event of fastidious bacteria, or a sudden decrease in bacterial diversity, our platform is designed to detect these events.

Microbiome Health Tools

Detailed overview of the microbial health in your system

Microbial load
High bacterial loads increase the risk for disease and phytoplankton blooms.

Algae identification
The right microalgae balance is crucial for optimal hatchery/farm cultivation.

A healthy microbial diversity is important for optimal system functioning.

Growth risk
Early identification of risk for opportunistic bacterial growth is key to prevent disease.

Farm Management Tools

Practical tools to help guide day-to-day farm management decisions

Biofloc formation
Evaluate the amount and size of your bioflocs to optimize production.

Bacterial activity measurements show the level of eutrophication of your system and can help identify overfeeding.

Species markers
Bacteria- and algae-specific markers allow for targeted intervention.

Trophic index
The trophic index helps you steer to a heterotrophic, mixotrophic or autotrophic farming regime.

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