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As microbial disease epidemics continue to plague the growing aquaculture industry, technological advances are struggling to provide the right solutions. Aquaculture survival rates are capped at 50% for most shrimp farmers and are even lower for many marine fish species. Current practices such as non-standardized agar plating, and tedious microscopic analysis have remained the industry standard.

We aim to do something about it.

One Sample Is All It Takes

Validated Sampling Programs

Effective management of aquaculture systems requires careful consideration of microbiome sampling. Our service programs have been validated in over 3 countries and thousands of samples. We’ve put in the work to find the optimal microbiome health programs for every aquaculture system so you don’t have to.

Sampling Frequency

While the environment in aquaculture systems can change rapidly, the microbial community is remarkably robust. Weekly measurement of the microbiome with KYTOS technology captures all changes during the pond cycle and gives sufficient time to take action.

Dynamics of the microbial diversity in a shrimp pond, with samples taken twice per day (black line). Observations picked up by routine KYTOS service programs are highlighted in orange.

Sampling Depth

Using KYTOS protocols, surface water samples are representative of the pond environment, with < 5 % relative standard deviation between surface and bottom pond samples throughout the cultivation cycle.

Difference in microbial community composition between surface and bottom samples of 6 ponds (3 meters deep) taken over 3 months of sampling using KYTOS protocols. 5% is a typical threshold for technical/measurement variation.

For Every Client, A Full Service

Microbiome Management Service Programs

We offer full services to help you master the microbiome in your system.


Service programs for any farm. Ranging from exploration to full solutions.


Sampling materials and logistics included and arranged for you.


Mobile/web app available for consulting data and KYTOS experts.

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Sampling and Reporting process

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