KYTOS is a start-up company developing microbiome management solutions for the horti- and aquaculture industries. Our core IP builds on decades of world-leading research in the management of microbial communities and was developed at the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology (CMET) at Ghent University.


Empower farmers with data-driven microbiome management tools that are easy, smart, and accessible.

Our Team

Ruben Props

CEO, Co-founder, PhD

Nico Boon

Innovation Officer, Co-founder, PhD, Prof.

Frederiek-Maarten Kerckhof

Head of DevOps, Co-founder, PhD

Tara Baele

KYTOS Belgium Lab Manager, Ing.

Peter Rubbens

Data Scientist, PhD

Stephanie Fordeyn

Scientist, PhD

Marc Indigne


Tim Lacoere

Freelance front-end developer

Hai Do

KYTOS Vietnam General Manager

Nguyen Minh Thuat

KYTOS Vietnam Technical Sales Manager

Bùi Ngọc Minh Ngân

KYTOS Vietnam Lab Manager

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Truyền

KYTOS Vietnam Lab Technician

Quynh Doan Dang

KYTOS Vietnam Lab Technician

Hao Tran Huynh Nhat

KYTOS Belgium Lab Technician (Interim/Student)


Kevin Mwangi

MSc. in Aquaculture

Võ Thị Bảo Châu

MSc. in Aquaculture

Jonabel Huavas

MSc. in Aquaculture

Henrik Andries

MSc. in Industrial Engineering

Mohsina (Trina) Siddika

UGent Intern

Maarten Boon

Internship on generative AI for interpretability of Kytos’ precision farming metrics and recommendations