Connect With Your Microbiome


Knowing your microbial health situation should be easy and straightforward. We help make this everyday reality by digitizing your microbiome health data via our KytoApp mobile and web app.

KytoApp is secure, available 24/7, and shows you the data you need to make a decision.

A Simple View to Look at Your Farm

Your Microbiome Control Platform

Our dashboards give a bird’s eye view on your farm. Farmers and Growers are still getting laboratory results through excel sheets, static PDF reports, or even just screenshots of a measurement machine. We make it easy to see your latest measurements and health results. On top of that our platform has the following additional features:

  • 4 languages (EN/VN/ES/IND)
  • Easy date filtering
  • Project-based grouping of your farms/pond systems.

Graphical Overview of Your Health Status

Easy Health Inspection

In one glance, our dashboards show you the current health situation of all of your systems.

Visual elements such as data bars and gauges tell you which system is the most resilient to disease outbreaks, and which ones have the highest risk for overfeeding and opportunistic bacterial growth.

The trending indicator lets you know whether the microbial health situation is trending upwards or downwards at all times!

Take a Closer Look

Deep Dive

Not satisfied? Do you want to compare your ponds/tanks? Or take a closer look at the trends in your system?

Our platform grants you easy access to detailed views on all the indicators so you can get the most out of your data.

  • One-click navigation to the desired tab in the application: Microbial health, Farm Management, Risk Management or Product Application tab.
  • Easily interpret the trends by following the red, orange and green health boundaries.
  • Interact with each figure by selecting ponds, downloading graphs, and zooming in on the region-of-interest.

Product Recommendations, Just for You

Improve Product Efficacy

So you’ve identified an unhealthy system? Our customers often ask us how we can help. Our advanced supervised learning models can help you get the most out of your biocontrol products. For each measurement our models can help to:

  • Estimate optimal dose to correct microbial health situation
  • Estimate maximum beneficial effect to overall microbial health
  • Track trends in dose requirements
  • Identify probiotic spores and germinated cells

Your Data Is Safe With Us

Data Export & Security

Do you want to take a closer look at all the numbers? Go ahead! Don’t forget to check out our top-of-the-line security standards.

  • You retain full ownership of your results. Access all your data via clipboard-copy, and csv/excel download functionality.
  • We do not store any farm-sensitive information on our platform.
  • Your data is stored live for 190 days, and archived after this period if it is not frequently accessed.
  • Your data is encrypted during transport and at rest.
  • Multi-availability zone database system ensures maximum availability and resilience.
  • We keep your microbiome data safe in deep-archive for at least 5 years, unless you say otherwise.

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