Microbiome Management

Microbial communities are present in all industrial processes, from aquaculture to agriculture to fermentation. We fingerprint microbiomes to empower industries with actionable insights to safeguard and improve their microbiome health.


We are experts in the single-cell analysis of microbes and have built a scalable analysis platform capable of creating a holistic view on microbiome health. Our technology grants detailed, data-driven, and science-based insights which you can leverage to bring the microbiome health of your process to its full potential

Measure every cell in your sample

  • Characterise (in)organic particles, algae, bacteria, fungi, and yeast cells (large viruses in development)
  • Determine absolute cell concentrations

Automated profiling of microbial fingerprints

  • Cost-efficient collection of vast amounts of data.
  • Health and performance markers for your process

Data-driven management recommendations

  • Detailed management reports
  • Cloud-based dashboard for routine surveillance services.

Seamless integration with state-of-the-art technologies

  • qPCR, agar plating, next-gen sequencing, …

Don’t take our word for it. Let the science speak for itself.



Managing microbiome health in aquaculture


Managing microbiome health in hydroponics

industrial water

Managing the microbiome of industrial water reuse

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Ruben’s guest lecture at the 2021 German Cytometry Conference

Computational analysis of microbial flow cytometry data DGfZ | Microbiology Session | Friday, October, 1st, 2021, 11:00am – 12:30pm Flow cytometry (FCM) is an important technology for the study of microbial communities ...
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KYTOS at Aqua Nor

KYTOS teamed up with Aqua Pharma Group this week at Aqua Nor to showcase Seatru, a commercial platform to bring precision microbiome management to aquaculture! Nico Boon and Ruben Props ...
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Kytos selected for the EIT food accelerator

Kytos has been selected for the EIT food accelerator network as part of batch #4! ...
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