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Microbiome Management

Microbial communities are present in all industrial processes, from aquaculture to agriculture and product applications. We fingerprint microbiomes to empower industries with actionable insights to safeguard and improve their microbiome health.

Preventing losses, increasing yield

Making Microbiomes Easier to Manage

We believe the best way to avoid catastrophic crop losses is to work with, rather than against your microbiome. But managing microbiomes is hard—there are over 1 quadrillion (1015) microbial cells in a pond.

At KYTOS we’ve developed a digital microbiome management platform that gets to know your microbiome, and helps you build precise management recommendations.

Advanced technology, Easy to access

Making Microbiome Management Smart

Our process is simple and straightforward. Every cell in your system is rapidly characterized by our analysis platform.

Sensitive single-cell data of each microbe in your system then feeds our supervised learning algorithms which output a set of health indicators for your system

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