Unlocking Resilient Farming


Growers rely on recirculating water systems to irrigate their crops and control the growing media. Thousands of microbes interact in this complex environment. KYTOS technology unveils the microbial unknown and grants growers the tools to safeguard the microbiome health of their greenhouses.

The Status Quo

Your Microbiome Health is Important

The industry’s transition to soilless and vertical farming has made recirculating water systems the main highway for microbes to affect crop health

A lack of microbiome health in your irrigation system and plant substrate typically results in the following problems:

  • Deviations in microbiome health take place weeks before disease symptoms occur
  • Plant pathogens can more effectively colonize your greenhouse during periods of low microbiome health
  • Plant stress is amplified which increases their susceptibility to diseases
  • Treatments are prescribed to recover plant health without knowledge on the microbiome status

Empowering You With Microbial Health Data

Connecting the Microbiome to Your Plant Health

Instead of focusing on individual pathogens, we measure all bacteria, algae, fungi, and sometimes even large viruses in your system. Up to 100,000 measurements of individual cells are used to create a complete microbial fingerprint of the water. Supervised learning translates this fingerprint into actionable microbiome health indicators. 

What does this mean for your greenhouse operations?
Weekly assessment of microbiome health leads to the early identification of microbial threats and opportunities in your system. Together with product suppliers we are working to create complete treatment solutions tailored to your microbiome.

Actionable Insights, Easily Accessible

So how do we help you identify an unhealthy system? We provide easy-to-interpret graphs by annotating red, orange and green health boundaries for your indicators.

  • Low microbial health ocurring over a timespan of weeks may lead to root health problems, such as showcased in the tomato cultivation on the right.
  • Corrective actions that lead to microbiome health improvements can be clearly tracked.

KYTOS technology grants both timely indications of significant microbial health deviations and the efficacy of the corrective actions taken to mitigate the problems.

For Every Client, A Full Service

Microbiome Management Service Programs

We offer full services to help you master the microbiome in your system.


Service programs for any crop. Ranging from exploration to full solutions.


Sampling materials and logistics included and arranged for you.


Mobile/web app available for consulting data and KYTOS experts.

Simple, Easy, Quick

Sampling and Reporting process