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Horticulture farms rely on recirculating water systems to provide nutrition to their vegetable crops. Thousands of viral, bacterial, algal and fungal species interact in this aquatic environment. Microbiome health problems slowly build up and can be impossible to remediate using existing farming approaches. KYTOS technology grants farmers practical tools to take preventive action and safeguard the microbiome health in their system.

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The Status Quo

The industry’s transition to soilless and vertical farming has made recirculating water systems the main highway for microbes to colonize the vegetable crops. 

  1. A lack of microbiome management induces plant stress 
  2. Plant stress causes slow plant development and can be accompanied by disease symptoms
  3. Diagnostic assays are sometimes performed to identify the disease-causing agent
  4. Treatments are prescribed to recover plant health without knowledge on the microbiome status

Connect Microbiome to Plant Health

KYTOS technology

Instead of focusing on individual pathogens, we measure all bacteria, algae, fungi, and sometimes even large viruses in your system. Up to 100,000 measurements of individual cells are used to create a complete microbial fingerprint of the water. Supervised learning translates this fingerprint into actionable microbiome health indicators. 

What does this mean for your farm?
Weekly assessment of microbiome health leads to the early identification of microbial threats and opportunities in your system. Together with product suppliers we are working to create complete treatment solutions tailored to your microbiome.

Application of the Kytos microbiome health index applied to commercial tomato farm surveillance

connect microbiome to plant health

Scheduled reporting of your microbiome health

Get all your microbiome health intel in < 2min via our subscription service.

  • Always on-time microbiome health report
  • Tailored health boundaries for your crop and system
  • Quick glance of latest health insights
  • 4-week tracking of microbiome dynamics for fast decision-making
  • Personalized service and support details
  • Optional data-driven product portfolio recommendations