KYTOS is a microbiome technology start-up company developing microbiome management solutions at the frontier of technological innovation. We have our origins in the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology (CMET) at Ghent University, from which we build on decades of world-leading expertise in the management of microbial communities. 

We transform our partners into expert microbiome health stewards by empowering them with a unique blend of data science, technology, and microbial ecology insights.  We have a strong focus on agri-, and aquaculture applications, but have a large portfolio in fermentation, drinking- and process water, and niche sectors as well.

Our Team

Ruben Props

CEO, Co-founder, PhD

Ruben manages the team and spearheads the strategic vision to keep KYTOS at the forefront of technological innovation. Lives by the credo nec spe nec metu.

Jasmine Heyse

Principal Scientist, PhD

Jasmine manages our R&D activities and takes center stage in the development of our predictive model workflow.

Frederiek-Maarten Kerckhof

Head of DevOps, Co-founder, PhD

Frederiek-Maarten safeguards our operational continuity, and has the lead in the development of our scalable cloud. He is a true wizard of operations.

Peter Rubbens

Data Scientist, PhD

Peter is improving our machine-learning workflow and creating predictive models for assessing microbial health in aquaculture and hydroponic systems.

Nico Boon

Innovation Officer, Co-founder, PhD, Prof.

Nico is our thought leader, he brings a continuous stream of new ideas into our roadmap and safeguards our scientific excellence.

Marc Indigne


Marc brings over three decades of executive management experience in the aquaculture scene. His prime focus is to fine-tune our business offering and to develop our growth in the aquaculture market.

Tara Baele

Research assistant, Ing.

Tara is managing our Belgium data factory and is following up our customer microbiome analysis projects. She is also actively participating in all ongoing R&D in Belgium.

Tim Lacoere

Freelance front-end developer

Tim is assisting the team in building its marketing materials as well as improving UI/UX for our clients.

Hai Do

KYTOS Vietnam General Manager

Hai is leading our Vietnam organisation. He is responsible for all commercial and managerial operations.

Nguyen Minh Thuat

KYTOS Vietnam Technical Sales Manager

Msc. Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management

Thuat is leading our Technical Sales team in Vietnam. He is handling our customer relations and is actively supporting farmers in their microbiome management.

Bùi Ngọc Minh Ngân

KYTOS Vietnam Lab Manager, MSc. in Aquaculture

Ngan is managing our Vietnam data factory. She is also pursuing a PhD on microbial management of Carp and Barramundi aquaculture systems at Ghent University and KYTOS.

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Truyền

KYTOS Vietnam Lab Technician, BSc. in Aquaculture

Truyền is our laboratory technician in the Vietnam data factory and works closely with Ngân. She graduated from Nha Trang University in 2022 with a Bachelor in Science: Aquaculture.

Jonabel Huavas

MSc. in Aquaculture

WorldFish intern helping us in finding new applications for KYTOS technology in Tilapia aquaculture systems. Learn more about her story here.

Henrik Andries

MSc. in Industrial Engineering

UGent thesis student developing new tools for biofilter health assessment in recirculating aquaculture systems.


Kevin Mwangi

MSc. in Aquaculture

UGent intern helping us develop new product applications for KYTOS technology in shrimp aquaculture systems.

Võ Thị Bảo Châu

MSc. in Aquaculture

UGent intern helping us develop new product applications for KYTOS technology in freshwater recirculating aquaculture systems.