KytoVial demo

KytoVial demo kit – usage instructions


You are one of the lucky few to have received a microbiome sampling kit! Only 20 companies were carefully selected at Aqua Nor, and we are proud to offer you a teaser of our technology on your aquaculture system. 

Below you will find a detailed description and manual for the demo kit.

Register your box

To get the maximum out of your demo – please provide us with your box number and some information on your sampling design – this can help us deliver a more insightful report to you.

can be found next to the QR tag
e.g. Salmon, Sea bream, Shrimp
RAS, Hatchery, Nursery, Biofloc, conventional, …
e.g., is my microbiome stable over time/tanks, is my treatment effective, etc.
e.g. at which depth of sampling, DOC, tank identifier, etc. This information will help you get the most out of our report. (For example, if you sample 3 tanks in duplicate – how will you label them (e.g. vial ID 0001 – Tank 1 – replicate a, etc.) If you are not sure, send us a message @
Optional: here you can share any relevant operational (pH, temperature, OD, …) and/or farming data (FCR, morbidity, mortality, …) for us to take into account for the report!

Instructions for use


Sampling is executed using the 1 mL syringe provided with the sampling kit.

  1. 1 mL of sample is transferred into the vial.
  2. Close and gently shake the vial.
  3. Let the vial rest at room temperature for approx. 15 minutes.
  4. Samples can be stored cooled (4°C – 10°C) or frozen (-20°C) for up to 1 month until analysis.
  5. Send samples to a KYTOS lab for analysis.


  • Thawing samples from -20°C storage requires same-day analysis.
  • There is only a small volume of bactericidal solution in each vial – do not be alarmed if the vials appear empty.


the sampling vials contain small amounts of chemical agents that may present health hazards. Read the provided safety data sheet (SDS) carefully prior to use. Contact your provider if you did not receive the SDS.

Shipment information

When you have completed the KytoVial demo kit sampling campaign, please send us a short message at to inform us!
The sample box should be shipped to: 

Kytos BV – attn: Sam Decroo
Frieda Saeysstraat 1
9052 Gent (Zwijnaarde)
+32 485 022 896


Will 1 mL of sample be enough to get a representative view of my microbiome?

Answer: Yes! We have extensively validated this in both pond and recirculating aquaculture systems. Typically we encounter less than 10 % variation in key microbiome metrics across open air systems (which are the most heterogeneous)!

Where should I sample my system?

Answer: That’s up to you to decide! Typical locations are from the biofilter of a RAS system, or the individual tanks themselves, or both! In open air systems depth plays a bigger role, and there you may want to opt to take samples at different depths. Need help? Contact us!

Can I sample mucus or gut samples?

Answer: Yes you can, but we recommend contacting us first before starting the sampling.

What type of analysis are you doing on my samples?

Answer: We use a cytometry-based analysis platform that characterizes many single-cell properties. We use these data in our proprietary software platform to create so-called microbial fingerprints of your system. These then form the basis of our microbiome health indices that we determine for your system.

Will my data be treated confidentially?

Answer: Absolutely!

What will you do with my samples after you’ve analyzed them?

Answer: All samples are discarded according to our terms and services after analysis.


In case of further questions, please contact us at – we are also glad to arrange a video call to resolve any issues or questions you may have.