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Microbial Marvels: A Deep Dive into the Carp Polyculture Ecosystem

📢 Exciting News: Our team’s latest review article with Ngoc Minh Ngan Bui as lead author has just been published in the Aquaculture journal!

“Bacterial and Microalgal Communities in Carp Polyculture Systems: Composition, Affecting Factors, and Further Perspectives”

Microbiomes may be hidden from view, but their impact on freshwater aquaculture is undeniable. Insights into the microbiomes in carp polyculture drive us closer to responsible, efficient, and environmentally friendly aquaculture practices.

While our joint review with WorldFish (coordinated by Colin Shelley) focuses on carp polyculture systems, its implications offer valuable insights for a wide range of freshwater species (e.g., knife fish, snakehead, etc.).

Now, why is this knowledge so important?

🐟 Ecosystem Health: Just as a diverse microbiome is vital for our well-being, the health of aquatic ecosystems depends on the diversity and balance of bacterial and microalgal communities.

💪 Disease Prevention: One crucial aspect that this review sheds light on is disease prevention. Understanding the microbial communities in aquaculture systems can help us develop strategies to prevent disease outbreaks, safeguarding the health of not only farmed fish but also wild species.

🚀 Production Improvement: By uncovering the secrets of microbial communities and the factors that affect them, we can enhance fish production in aquaculture systems and reduce production cost. It allows us to create optimal conditions for fish growth and improve overall production efficiency.

🔬 Scientific Exploration: Freshwater ecosystems remain relatively uncharted territory. This research not only adds to our knowledge but also opens doors to exciting new scientific frontiers.

Stay tuned for more updates on ongoing research happening at KYTOSGhent University, and CMET – Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology on other species such as Snakehead and Barramundi.

📖 Access the full article via the link in the comments below 👇