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Mohsina joins KYTOS as a UGent intern!

Please tell us something more about your background (education, interests, …)?

In my country farmers are not always able to spend a lot of money in analysing various parameters to make culture more sustainable as a result they suffer with financial loss in long run. Sometimes the technologies are not available there as well. Providing affordable techniques and spreading appropriate knowledge related to the culture system would be the most useful thing to them to flourish this sector sustainably. This gap I want to fill up by collaborating and by enriching my own knowledge and experience gradually.

I have completed my bachelor from ‘Faculty of Fisheries’ at Bangladesh Agriculture University and from the same University I have completed my master’s degree in mid of 2019. For my thesis there I have worked with the bacterial diseases of two popular farmed fish in my country. While working I got to know the vast impact of microbiome in the culture system more practically. Health management of aquatic organism was a field of interest to mine which make me apply for another master’s degree ‘Health Management in Aquaculture’ where I have been selected as Erasmus Mundus awardee of 2022-2023 cohort.

Why did an internship at KYTOS appeal to you?

As a part of my curriculum in AquaH I was supposed to look for an internship in my second semester. I wanted to make a connection between the focus of my current degree and my previous work with microbiome. At this point, KYTOS is the best suited to my desire as it works with different aspect of microbiome in the aquatic environment to ensure the better health of the aquatic organism.

What are you looking to learn from the internship?

I would like to learn the application of different technologies in the aquaculture field to control or stimulate the microbial community present in the culture system.